I think an issue is the lack of education in schools—mental health needs to have a higher focus in health classes!

People aren't able to start the recovery process if they don't know how to get treatment.

The mission of Green Ribbon Club is to engage in bipartisan youth advocacy to destigmatize mental health and increase awareness of resources, to ultimately aid in the prevention of suicide at local and national levels.

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Many people consider mental health issues to be taboo partly because there is a lack of discussion and correct information about the topic.

Feeling like a burden is a big reason as to why people are afraid to reach out to their friends and family.

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Our school club program gives students the power to improve the mental health and well-being of their communities through bipartisan grassroots activism.

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Starting a Green Ribbon Club at your school is a chance to improve upon your abilities as a leader, create lasting connections between you and your peers, and ultimately improve the lives of those in your community.

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Breaking the Silence: A Community Discussion on Opioids and Suicide

7-9 PM; San Juan Capistrano Community Center

Breaking the Silence: Come join Green Ribbon Club for a community discussion with the Republican and Democratic candidates for California's 49th Congressional District on the topics of opioid and suicide prevention. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Space is limited so register online for free.